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تقريرالاخت نبيلة الاهلي من الامارات -2007

To start with, when I started the course we were asked to answer some questions, and they are as follows:

To start with, when I started the course we were asked to answer some questions, and they are as follows:

1) What do I want out of the NLP Practitioner Course precisely?

I always wondered about lots of things in my life and tried to find answers for them. When I read about NLP it amazed me and found that lots of my inquiries could be answered by mastering NLP. I always wondered why some people are more successful than others, and how can we copy their success and be like them.

I also wanted to know how to put goals/mission/vision for myself and be persistent to accomplish and fulfil them. Then I had some personal issues about dealing with people and having an impact on them in a positive way. I have excellent interpersonal skills and know how to deal with people, yet I find some people not easy to deal with and very challenging to deal with. Therefore, I wanted first to be able to deal with myself (inside-out); and then reach out and interact with people and be an active member in the society.

For all the above reasons/thoughts I wanted to take the course in great hope to find answers for my inner challenges, inquiries and thoughts.

2) What is the change that I hope to get in my life?

The change that I hope to get in my life is to find my direction in life, My Mission and Vision, the reasons of my being and presence on this earth. To have my own philosophy and perception about life; and use this as a guidance to accomplish my goals and dreams in life.

3) What are the factors that will help me to highly benefit in the course lecture room, at home and in the work place?

Knowing that this material is not only for reading and listening, it is a practical material, I know that I have to listen/read then go and try out/apply what I learned. The key factor here is “Practice”. If I don’t apply practically I will not benefit from this course or any other course or self development tools and techniques. So it is always learn, practice and apply.

The main thing is whatever material/exercises available in the course I should learn them and apply them on myself, in my life and on other people around me. Also, being on time, do the exercises and ask questions, try out things with others in the course is an important thing. Finally, making a network of NLP Practitioners after finishing the course is useful, so we can share our experiences and views together.

4) What is it that I want by the end of this course? What would I hear, see and feel?

I hope by the end of this course that my view and overlook of life move into a brighter, happier and louder level. I want to hear, see and feel positive things around me that I did not pay attention to before in my life. Sometimes in life when we concentrate on certain things we go into our own blind spots and stop noticing things around us by well. I hope to regain my hearing, seeing and feeling senses back.

5) If this course is your last or the only course that you will be attending in your life, and was told that there is a major gaol that will be accomplished by me attending this course, then what is this major goal that you want to accomplish in your life?

I want to gain happiness and success in this life (Al Donya) and in the next life (Al Akhera); I want to be ready for the journey of departing from this life to the next life to go to heaven’s highest rank (Al Ferdaws Al A’ala) by Allah’s permission and acceptance. This is my ultimate goal.

This is how I started this course, and by finishing the course I realised that I can use a variety of NLP tools and techniques to resolve the issues I mentioned at the beginning of the course.


As mentioned earlier this was the first question you asked us at the beginning of the course, and asked us to write them on a peace of paper and pass them to you. It is worth mentioning here that I took the course in two sections, I took the NLP Diploma in (September 2005) and finished the second course NLP Practitioner in (June 2006). As I planned to sit and write the report and review my notes; it just happened that I came a cross the notes which had the answers for this question in both courses and I was surprised about what I wrote and how I phrased it. The 2005 notes were filled with “non positive” phrasings and focusing on some of my life “challenges” which were stated as “problems”. Where as the 2006 note was more positive and focused on the things that I wanted in life more precisely. So this was a clear evidence for me in writing that I changed subconsciously and adopted the NLP suppositions.


In here I will be highlighting my personal experiences with realising the power of NLP, and my practical usage of the NLP Techniques that I learned in the Practitioner course.


Mastering Goals is Mastering Success: One of the main issues that I wanted to know is how to set up my goals and accomplish them. I have been setting up goals for myself, and yet I always was unsuccessful in accomplishing them. Therefore my main objective was to know I wanted how to set up goals and accomplish them. The NLP Practitioner course answered this question for me.

After looking at the main shortcomings and drawbacks of how people deal with their goals in life; I came to realise that it was either that I wanted to do so many things in a short period of time. Or I wanted to accomplish big goals in an irrelevant timing. What helped was learning the Five Pillars of Success.

In the Five Pillars of Success I learned that I have to state: 1) Knowing what I want – in the Short term and Long term, and I did set up what I wanted in both periods. 2) Making a Detailed Plan for executing the goals, and be flexible in implementing the plan and review it periodically. This point helped allot and I can say the main issue that was lacked earlier in goal setting process. Evaluating performance and accomplishments monthly by meeting with “myself”, is another plus point that I mastered. 3) Using “Sensory Acuity” was always there to guide me see, hear and feel things around. 4) Being Flexible in implementation helped through overcoming challenges I was faced by, so if things did not work the way I wanted I changed my way to approach the goal internally and externally. 5) Moving forward both physically and mentally and getting things done rather than setting day dreaming about them happening. Success is an ACT.
The other strong tool I used was “The Equation for Positive Goal Affirmation.” In here I trained myself to write my 5-6 Main Goals of the Year daily on a sheet of paper the minute I wake up. For this I keep a note pad next to my bed daily as a reminder. In addition, I used the “The Main Keys to Compose and Word Successful Goals,” “How Can you Get What You Want – The Positive Frame,” and the “Outcome Frame” in guiding me to compose successful and achievable goals.

I also use the “Goals Illustration Posters” technique and I made 6 Posters for my main 6 Goals of 2007 and I hanged them in my room and in my office. I used illustrative pictures that represents each goal and printed on them “The Equation for Positive Goal Affirmation” I used for my goals to program my subconscious mind and create the inclination to push me towards accomplishing these goals.

Meeting With Myself: I have a monthly meeting with “My Roles”, “My Goals” and “My Action Plan”. Realising the importance of revising and evaluating my goals periodically helped to be focused on my goals and learn what works and what does not work. I grade my accomplishment percentage monthly, and reward myself when goals get accomplished. I plan everything now yearly, monthly, weekly and daily and I go by the saying: “If you Fail to Plan – Then you Plan to Fail.” This is my motto in life now.


Performance and Doing is the Mirror of Ambition and Aspiration. In the course material you mentioned the Hadeath (if you ask Allah … Ask for Al Fredous Al A’ala); which teaches us that it is vitality that showed us different kinds of people in this world; and the higher the Vitality the higher the Goals aimed for; which I truly believe in. Working for Akhera is a “Win – Win” situation. The person who aims to get Al Ferdous Al A’ala in Akhera must be a successful person here in Donia before departing to his Akhera journey; because these two journeys are interrelated. The goals in this life are achievable compared to those of Akhera. This is the secret of the High Vitality in life that we have to obey and work by. One way to accomplish this is to state our Mission in Life.

I was reading once a phrase that touched me some how that states: “Having a Mission is the first step in life; because the mission manages and directs the soul and the spirit, and the Soul and the Spirit manage and direct the Brain, and the Brain manages and directs our body, our feelings and our actions.” I always wondered about the reason of my existence and my purpose in life and in this world. I use to find myself doing things that were very rewarding, and did not know why. Like helping others and supporting them, and providing them with guidance they needed. Basically I was always taking the “Mentor” role. After doing the “Mission Exercise” and realising my mission in life, I was amazed to see the link between my actions and my Mission in life. Everything I do it relates some how directly or indirectly to “My Mission in Life.”


For the past 10 years almost I suffered from sleeping disorders and insomnia and was challenged by it in relation to different parts of my life like my work and family matters. I came to know in this course that one of the subconscious mind characteristics is that it creates and fabricates habits and it requires repetition (6 – 21 times) to make the habit lasting and continuing. I used your advice to look at the techniques described in the “The Power of Your Subconscious Mind” Book by Dr. Joseph Murphy, and I used the techniques he prescribed for sleeping disorders like the “Sleep Prayer” and visualisation. I also used “(21 x 14) Exercise” which states that you should write the goal you want to accomplish or the challenge you want resolve 21 times daily for 14 days continuously in order for your subconscious mind be programmed. I can say proudly that my sleeping challenge is resolved in 6 months or so after doing the exercises, I just woke up one day and both consciously and subconsciously realised that this is the day my challenge is resolved. I sleep for 6 hours now and I wake up for my Fajer Prayer full of life and energy.


Wordage Cleaning: “Your Life Your Words”, “You are What you Think”, “Change your Wordage; Your Life Changes”. These are some of the phrases that were repeated over and over in the course and I took a note of them to apply them on myself and I call it wordage cleaning. I actively now watch what I say, how I say it, and the feelings attached to them. Basically, I hear what I say, and I see what I say, and I feel what I say. I trace my self talk, my line of thought, and even my Dreams. Because dreams reflect what’s inside us and 90% reflects our inner thoughts and challenges. I also intend to use positive words when I speak with myself internally or when I communicate with others externally. In addition, I always talk about what “I Want” not what “I don’t Want.” I watch what people do, what they say and how they act, and especially I detect their eye movements.

“Sandwich Technique” I use quite often in my conversation with others and especially at work if I want give non positive remarks, and when I want to state my opinion and some blunt comments. I use “And” instead of “But.” All of this helped me to move forward and overcome the barriers that I was building around myself through my non positive thinking and self talk.


After knowing the characteristics of the subconscious mind and how it works and it relates to the conscious mind; I managed to program my subconscious mind through the power of imagination, repetition, drawing the goals and attaching strong feelings to them as if they are now and real daily in relation to my mission and goals.

One of the main things that amazed me about the conscious mind that it programs the subconscious mind and it could give successful or unsuccessful instructions to the subconscious mind. The conscious mind concentration is limited to (7 + – 2) information per second. Also any idea, thought or goal that stays really active in the conscious mind, the subconscious mind will make it happen whether it is for our good or not. Therefore, we have to make the conscious mind always think of what we “WANT” clearly and strongly, and this relates strongly to have sound and strong mission and goals in life supported by action plans.

One of main characteristics of the subconscious mind is that it stores all memories and classifies them, therefore: “Change Your Memories and Your Life Changes.” I truly believe in this and in the “Law of Attraction,” which states that our thoughts travel in the universe like sound and picture and electricity vibes, and what goes out there we get back. So if we think of positive thoughts consciously and subconsciously; this transfers in the universe and states our destiny and getting things in life. It all relates to having positive thoughts and strong goals, and the universe is at your command to accomplish all this for you, we just need to look at signs sent to us and work accordingly by attracting what we want. One way to test this is in finding a parking spot, if you think you can get it and visualise it a parking spot pops out and most probably where you have imagined. I tried it and it works.

Handwriting: After knowing that the subconscious mind likes the handwriting and can relate to it; I started handwriting my goals and things that I want to do and accomplish. One way I used is that I handwritten all the answers for the “NLP Exam.” One reason was to plant all the ideas and the answers in my mind.


I remember one of the first things I applied immediately after the course was your idea to put a small note book beside my bed with a pen and another one to carry with me always in my bag wherever I go. Now these small note books are with me always, and wherever I go I write in it any thoughts, ideas, comments I hear, or I see, or I feel. Amazingly by using the “Note Book Technique” and the ideas and thoughts I marked in it I came to realise a very critical decision in my life and that is to get my PHD Degree. After finishing my MBA I never thought that I will go for a PHD Degree, and now it is one of my main goals for this year and I plan to start my studies in September.

This diary is always by my bed and I write in it my long term goals and short term goals daily. I also write in it the things I need to do everyday to come closer to achieving my goals. I trace my dreams and write about them as well in this note book


This concept when I heard it first; that in 10 years we have an average of 4,000 hours on the road, and if not utilised it is all a waste. I started thinking about how to utilise my time on the road and be a good student in this “Road University”. This concept resolved my boredom on the road and especially now in Dubai the traffic is always jammed and we spend almost 6 Hours daily on the road between destinations.

What I did is that I got a wide library of tapes and CD’s on different subjects like spiritual, mental or social. I also ordered all the books that I wanted to read lately the Audio version of them. I got also some of the programmes that you suggested as well like “The Genius Code”, “PhotoReading”, “Natural Brilliance” and “Learning Languages” CD’s. Now my time on the road is a very special and valuable time for me and I get to listen to all of these courses and materials and widen my learning horizons.


In NLP one of the presuppositions is that people have all the resources they need. By applying this presupposition I decided to start Memorising Qura’an and I used different Visual, Auditory, and Kinaesthetic ways to help memorise right. Visual: The ways to memorise visually was to handwrite the Ayat and memorise, to visualise the Ayat and imagine the sceneries, and to concentrate on the Qura’an verses and Ayat as if am taking pictures of the page. I also used Qura’an PhotoReading. Auditory: The ways to memorise is to recite the Ayat loudly, to listen to Qura’an tapes continuously; repetition is the mother of all skills in memorising Qura’an. Also record my voice reciting Qura’an and listen to the recording before going to bed and in the car while commuting. Kinaesthetic: The ways to memorise is to understand the meaning of the Ayat by reading the Tafseer and feel and live these meanings. To repeat the verses memorised in Qiyam Al Lail. The best time to memorise is after Fajer Prayer or an hour before going to bed. “Repetition” is the mother of all skills as I mentioned earlier, and the more we repeat the more our memorising gets to the long term memory. There are some proteins that relate to the long term memory and get developed strengthened by repetition.

Learning French: NLP was created as a result of Modeling and one example of this is how we might model a foreign language. Therefore I wanted to know how to model a language like French. I came to know that I can model three things. First, I’d model the vocabulary, actually learning the vocabulary. I’d learn for example that “plume” means “pen.” Next I would learn syntax. So, I’d learn how to say sentences in French, putting certain words in certain order. Regarding the order and sequence of words. The difference in meaning is created by the syntax (order, sequence). And also in modeling a language, I’d also model the mouth movements. I should learn how to pronounce “plume” so I could say it with the correct accent. I am planning to learn French and bare in mind these notes when I came to learn and practice my French.

The other NLP Techniques: One of the things I did as well and it is in my “To Do List” is that I listed all the issues and challenges that am facing and I want to resolve them to move forward in my life; and I specified different NLP techniques to tackle them at a more deeper levels. These techniques are: The “6 Neural Levels” to be used to resolve some issues with some people who challenge me on daily basis, The Sub-Modalities Belief Change, The Swish Pattern, The Three Positions, Deleting Hurtful Memories, Anchoring, Walt Disney Model, and The Parts. After mastering these techniques and use them to deal with the different aspects of my life, am planning to practice them on my friends and relatives and watch the results on them as well. I will write to you about these experiences once I successfully implement and use them on myself and others.


To conclude, the following are some of the main issues I learned and I benefited from in this course:

1) I learned lots of skills and ways to deal and communicate with myself internally and externally; and how to communicate with people verbally and non-verbally and rapport with them. The end results for me are changing myself, witnessing the change on people around me and have a positive effect on them.

2) Using the principle that says “From Your Wards I know You”, was an eye opener for me by knowing the types of people I deal with on daily basis and realise whether they are Visual, Auditory or Kinaesthetic people.

3) Learn how to compose and word my goals using the different NLP techniques I learned in this course, and therefore program and send positive messages to my subconscious mind to guide me and support me in accomplishing my goals and dreams in life successfully and in the most flexible ways.

4) Knowing the importance of the language and the wording I use whether externally or internally. Internally through self talk and internal conversation with myself positively or none positively, and the effect of this on my behaviour, manners and believes. Externally by affecting my accomplishments, learning’s, experiences, and movements in life. And by passing and overcoming these boundaries and enlarging my “Circle of Success” by simply changing my words. Using positive words and concentrating on “What I Want” not “What I don’t Want”.

5) Benefiting from the concept of “Modeling” in Success; and that success can be gained, learned implemented and mastered. Furthermore, Success and Excellence are a process that could be made and it is not the result of luck and coincidence; “There is no luck but result – There is no coincidence but there are reasons, causes and effects”.

6) That the answers to all of our challenges and inquiries in life lies within us inside our soul, spirit and mind. We are much smarter than we think or know; and there is a solution for every challenge we face in life inside us. The key lies in trusting our subconscious mind, and the more we trust it the more it can give us and support us in accomplishing what we want. We have to use “The Power of Our Subconscious Mind” to master our own life and success. The change starts from within.
7) Relaxation and Meditation are important ways to guide our subconscious mind to what we want. Our mind is on 24 – 7, and therefore it needs recharging and preparation to implement the goals and ideas we want through this. Hypnosis is another way to connect with our subconscious mind and a very effective tool to use and especially Self Hypnosis.

8) Mastering NLP requires practice, persistency, and application and the results will be realised instantly. It is like magic, and change is at your fingertips in split of seconds.

9) “Failure is the Road to Success,” and that we learn from our mistakes rather than from our success. The unsuccessful person is the one who never tries out things.

I can say by now that I accomplished my goals of attending the “NLP Practitioner Course”, and one of these goals was to finish the NLP Exam and the NLP Report, master NLP Techniques and get certified by “ABNLP” in 2007. I can say now that it is time to “Tick” this goal “Done” proudly.

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